Jolly Good Boxes

Every box is filled with “quaffable” wines personally selected by our champion of feasting – Chris Vino

“If an alcoholic drink is quaffable, it is easy and pleasant to drink a lot of it.”

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of quaffable

Jolly Good Box
Chris Vino

Jolly Good Boxes

Each box is filled with “quaffable” wines personally selected by our champion of feasting – Chris Vino. To Chris its all about a Jolly good time, friends, food & wine.

A Jolly Good Box contains bottles of very quaffable wines. They are about
pleasure, they are about jolly times, good times, there is no pomp and circumstance, it’s simply fermented grapes that taste great.

Raise a glass and think ‘The opulent wine gives chewy tannins that are intellectually satisfying’ if you do Go AWAY you are in the wrong place.

Raise a glass and think ‘Blimey, that’s tasty pour me another’ JOLLY GOOD
you’ve found the right place.

Big Reds

A big juicy mouthful of wine. Quaff this with meat, mushrooms, chocolate or my
favourite – anything. Of course, different things do compliment but, if you like big
fruity reds, these are big and fruity enough that you don’t need to be eating a steak to enjoy it, they’re Jolly good as they are.

Wonderful Whites

I’ll have a dry glass of white, well with these dry whites you’ll find some light, some bold, some fruity, but they will all delight! The mix will give you a bunch of both you regular favourites and understated treasures chosen to make you think blimey that’s Jolly Good!

A Jolly Marvellous Mix

A Jolly Marvellous Mix – is exactly what it’s says on the tin, well box in this case. Two big reds, two wonderful whites and two pale perfect pinks. Be armed with this and whether receiving guests or popping to a party you will have a Jolly Good glass to suit whoever asks.


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